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1.) Cost Calc

Facilitates a comparison between pay per click (PPC) leads and proprietary / third-party leads (variables in green).

2.) Annual Projection

Provides a method to calculate total Internet Department operating cost in addition to return on investment (ROI) forecasting / experimentation. Working backwards, enter overhead, budget, close ratio, desired ROI (etc.), and a profit & loss projection is displayed.

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These spreadsheets are offered as a courtesy to our customers as-is and are not supported.

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Editorial / White Paper:

1.) Read A Little Math Applied to Third-Party Leads for mathmatical proof that 75% of all third-party leads are junk.

2.) Consider The Internet Department in 2012 for a polemic on parasitic technological-service-providers orbiting auto retail.

3.) Public Relations and The Cost of Complaints covers the importance of being earnest whilst conducting (any) business in the Internet age.

4.) Explore domain naming in What's In A Name?

5.) Catch a CRM thief in Game Theory.

6.) Why is Google ranking complaint sites on the first page of results for my dealership's keywords?

7.) A few words about putting the cart before the horse can be found in Critical Masscheap replica watches.

8.) Why Dealers Shouldn't Read Automotive News addresses the perpetuation of the Internet (as panacea) myth.

9.) Peruse a few dirty tricks in Protecting Your Dealership's Trademark On The Internet.

Quality Control:

Please consider utilizing Scout QCS online surveys as part of your Internet / BDC quality control initiative. Overview as applied to auto retail here.

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