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GS1 Company Prefix for Sale

1999 UCC / GS1 Company Prefix Available

Pre-2002 UCC GS1 Company prefix for sale. Save thousands versus a new GS1 Prefix membership and have ZERO renewal fees.

100,000 unused bar codes. You get the prefix registered in your company name. You own it. You own its 100,000 unused barcodes. Good as new for one payment only - no renewals ever. Why buy lease new and pay $2,100 per year in perpetual renewal fees? Plus, a new GS1 Prefix lease is $10,500 the first year!

Own my prefix and avoid those costs.

Great opportunity for a company that needs a lot of barcodes.

I bought the prefix back in 1999 from UCC for my company. We only used 1 barcode, so the rest (99,999) remain unused and available.

This is not an offer to sell barcodes. This is not an offer to rent or lease barcodes. This is an offer to sell you my GS1 Company Prefix, with which you get 100,000 (-1) unused, bought-and-paid-for, barcodes, to do with whatever you please. With my GS1 Prefix, *you* are the issuer of your own barcodes.

If you want to sell on Amazon or Walmart, etc., you need real GS1 barcodes, and if you want to do it right you need the Company Prefix to go with them.

This is what I am offering.

Again, a new GS1 prefix lease is $10,500 for 100,000 codes and $2,100 per year, every year, in renewals.

That's more than a $30k outlay over 10 years! $50k over 20! And you would still be paying $2,100 per year after that - forever!

Great chance to save a ton of money.

Make me a serious offer and it's yours.

Please feel free to call Ron at 239-689-5941 or contact via email.

Thank you!

A "GS1 Company Prefix" is what you need to buy to create your own barcodes for your products. Since I bought mine so long ago from UCC, it is exempt from modern GS1 renewal fees, and it is good for 100,000 unique barcodes. (If you want to sell on Amazon, Walmart, or many other retailers, you rolex replica watches must have unique licensed barcodes for your products.) To lease this today (from GS1, the only provider there is) it would cost $10,500 up front, plus a renewal fee of $2,100 every year. So, over 10 years it would cost around $30k to lease; over 20 years, $50k, and so on. (These figures represent the cost to lease 100k new barcodes from GS1.)

Please note that many of the largest retailers require that you have an actual GS1 Company Prefix, otherwise they may refuse to carry, or drop, your product line. As such, you cannot be sure that bar codes purchased inexpensively through third party online resellers will be accepted - now, or later. With the real thing, the actual Company Prefix, you are guaranteed that every retailer will carry your products.

Long story short, if your company needs to lease 100,000 unique UPC bar codes for its products, like so many do, it should then be very interested in buying my company prefix outright (it is transferable) as this would provide your company with outright ownership (not a lease) of its own company prefix and associated 100,000 barcodes while saving it the $2100 cost of renewals every year. Again, instead of paying $10,500 - up front - for a new company prefix, plus $2,100 in renewal fees every single year (while never owning your barcodes) your company can buy my prefix for one flat fee and be done with it in one shot - owning its barcodes outright with no renewal fees. And no worries about retailers refusing or dropping your line.

GS1 Company Prefix Certificate

GS1 Company Prefix Certificate issed by UCC in 1999

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